Please read through our FAQ below, and if you have any additional questions, then give us a call and we would be happy to help you plan entertainment for your next event or party!

Contact us at (970) 631-0110

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How Many Kids Can I Have At a Party?

You are welcome to have as many kiddos at your party as you desire.  However, our artists are indeed artists and can only do a certain amount of art in an hour.

My recommendations are as follows:

* Professional Face Painters – We recommend between 12-15 faces per hour. We can do more for bigger events, working off our fun, fast and fabulous list of designs that we can produce in 1 minute or less! 

* Professional Balloon Artists – We recommend no more than 20 kiddos per hour.  We can do more, however we will provide you with our own list of easier, simpler designs (requests take longer).

* Caricature Artists – We recommend about 12 faces in an hour. 

** If you have more kiddos than what we recommend in an hour, we encourage you to hire us for more time or hire an additional artist with us.

What Are Your Rates Per Hour?


Professional Balloon Artist(s) – $150 per hour / per artist
Professional Face Painter(s) – $150 per hour / per artist

Professional Caricature Artist(s) – $185.00 per hour / per artist
Professional Glitter Tattoo Artist(s) – $150.00 per hour / per artist

Santa – $190.00 per hour / per artist
Mrs. Claus – $150.00 per hour / per artist
Santa/Mrs. Claus Combo – $175.00 per hour / combo

Please fill out our online form to get a personalized quote. 

Can We Have a Party Outside?

Of course! We party everywhere! Just please let us know so we can let our BAMM Crew know!

Do You Rent Party Supplies?

We are not a party supplier or wholesaler. We do not stock tablecloths, chair covers, etc. We also do not have jump castles or inflatables, however, we would be happy to give you a reference.

Can We Hire You For Both Face Painting and Balloons?

Certainly! A member of our BAMM Crew can provide you with our Face Painting/Balloon Twisting Combo Party which includes 1 Hour of Professional Face Painting & 1/2 Hour of Professional Balloon Twisting invoiced in 90 minute time blocks.

Combo Face Painting/Balloon Twisting per 90 min / per artist – $225.00

Can I have you inflate balloons I have already purchased?

We would rather provide you with balloons that are reliable from our supplier, but if you have a corporate logo or company name already printed on the balloons, let’s talk. In addition, helium is expensive and we have to charge for that.  I would be happy to provide you with a bid for anything you may be considering for your party or event. For more info email us or see our bouquet options at Balloon Planet here.